xProxy Alarm System

xProxy is a cloud based platform which enables machines to notify virtually anything. The xProxy app enables hardware to be easily configured to send specific messages to a multitude of recipients. Supported message formats include text, email, voice, or push notifications. xProxy is an ideal solution for when a machine encounters a mission critical or costly event. 


  • Self-powered, cellular device

  • Versatility - connect to any set of "dry contacts" for indoor/outdoor use

  • Unprecedented Simplicity - easy to setup and install

  • Durability - IP66 Rated Enclosure; Temp. Rating (-10F to 150F)

  • Customizable Alerts/Notifications - setup with iOS or Android mobile apps

  • No Monthly Subscription Fees

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 3" x 2.75" x 1.5"

  • Mounting Flange Height .5"

  • Yellow Conductor Length 8"

  • Yellow Conductor Wire Gauge #22AWG

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What exactly is xProxy?

The xProxy Link

A simple self-powered device to make your machine talk. The xProxy Link features a preconfigured embedded cellular modem for instant connectivity. 

Step 1 - Connect the xProxy Link to any set of dry contacts.
Step 2 - Use the xProxy App on your smart phone to register your xProxy device.
Step 3 - Create a message that should be sent when the xProxy Link detects a change in state.
Step 4 - Define a call list to receive the message created in Step 3. 
Those on your call list may receive text, email, voice, and/or push notifications. 

Frequently Asked Questions about xProxy

What can I hook an xProxy Link up to?

Because the xProxy Link is completely self powered, its two wires can be wired up to any switch, relay, or signaling device that has a set of dry contacts. Examples of compatible devices are pressure switches, limit switches, float switches, temperature switches, or pump station alarm contacts. It can also be wired up to any set of normally closed relay contacts. What's iportant to understand, is that the xProxy Link triggers a notification when its monitoring circuit transitions from closed to open.

How does the xProxy Link establish network connectivity?

The xProxy Link is a Verizon, FCC certified device. Each device has its own preconfigured dedicated connection to the cellular network. There is no need to setup a central base station, LAN, or wireless router. The product is connected right out of the box and ready to communicate.

Since the xProxy Link is self powered and operates on a battery, how long does it last?

The life of the xProxy Link is proportional to the number of "triggering events" that occur. For example, if you have the xProxy Link hooked up to a high pressure alarm switch, and the switch goes off once per week, the xProxy will last about 7 years. xProxy is an ideal solution for event that occur infrequently, but are important to know about.

How hard is it to replace an xProxy Link?

Since all configuration settings are stored in the cloud, all that needs to happen is a swap of the xProxy Link serial number. This can easily be accomplished via the mobile app. 

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