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Farm Safety: Fall Edition

  • Entering Bins

    • Turn off and lock out all powered equipment​

    • Moving grain acts like quicksand and can bury a person in seconds. 

    • Provide a harness with a lifeline or a boatswain's chair. *Double check it is secured

    • Make sure the person entering the bin knows how to maneuver and what to do if there is an accident

  • Working with Augers

    • Keep all body parts away from augers while running and/or plugged in​

    • Power off all augers before moving

  • Driving Equipment

    • Know where your surroundings are. Double check for people, equipment, etc. before driving and keep looking while you drive!​

    • Remove loose clothing before going near PTO's.

      • NEVER let children work with PTO's!​

Farm Safety: United States Facts

  • Did You Know...

    • On average, 113 children die under the age 20 from farm related injuries. ​

      • 34% are among 16-19 year olds. ​

    • Every three days, a child in the United States dies in an ag-related accident. 

      • 25% involve machinery​

    • Although overall farm injuries have declined, injuries to youth have stayed steady.

Please keep everyone safe this harvest season on your farm!

Say something if it is unsafe!!



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