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Mathews Company Grain Dryers

MC Grain Dryers

Mathews Company manufactures high quality, innovative agricultural equipment. They specialize in grain drying and have been in business for nearly 60 years to provide superior products and unmatched service. They are committed to giving customers the best.

ECO Series

The ECO Series is one of the newest additions to the Mathews Company product offering. The EDO Series models are available to dry grain with your choice of heat and cool models or all-heat only models. With its 15'-3" overall height, the ECO Series fits easily into those installations with height restrictions. The technologically advanced design allows for increased holding capacity and maximum airflow for the highest-quality dried grain. Efficient and affordable, this profile dryer offers a great value on a quality product.

Legacy Series

The Legacy Series high capacity grain dryers may be used for dry and cool or all-heat operations. Each chamber of a Legacy Series contains a double wheel, double inlet, quiet centrifugal fan and Venturi burner with modulated flame set between the fan wheels for a complete mixing of air and heat.

Infinity Series

The Infinity Series with 9 Low Profile models, capacities from 325 BPH to 900 BPH, may be used in dry and cool or all heat drying systems to ensure the output of the highest quality dried grain. With its 14' 6" overall height, the Infinity Series fits easily into those installations with height restrictions.

Vacuum Cool Tower Series

The Vacuum Cool Tower Series commercial-grade inline centrifugal blower ensures optimal drying capacity They feature a high efficiency, low emission cast aluminum and stainless steel burner to ensure adequate heat. And automatically adjusting fuel flow to the burner maintains a constant drying temperature for efficient fuel usage. It is available in 10', 12', & 18' towers

Trilogy Series

With the Trilogy Series, vacuum cooling reclaims heated air from cooling the grain and results in less fuel usage and significant dollar savings. After blending with ambient air drawn from outside, the pre-heated air is returned to the blower, lowering energy consumption and producing maximum efficiency.
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